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Sometimes our bodies are not able to combat diseases effectively. RESTORE is leading the way towards uniting developers of Advanced Therapy across Europe.


Advanced Therapies are a potential game changer in health care. They aim to transform the current focus on “treatment of disease” into one that concentrates on “regeneration of health”. The unifying goal of RESTORE is the implementation of newly developed Advanced Therapies in clinical routine to improve patients´ outcome with high impact on Europe's society and economy.

Living drugs

A recent breakthrough has led to the development of a whole new class of drugs, which are capable of helping the body regain its power: “living drugs”. They are the key to what we call "advanced therapies", and come in various different forms...

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For patients

A great number of people worldwide suffer from a broad array of chronic medical conditions ranging from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, lung diseases, (auto) immune diseases, musculoskeletal and neurodegenerative diseases through to mental illnesses. If you are one of those who are suffering, or know someone who is suffering with a chronic illness, you may have noticed that whilst for many of these medical conditions there are treatments available which help treat the symptoms, curative treatments appear to be a distant prospect. Since most of the currently prescribed and administered drugs often only alleviate the symptoms, they frequently have to be taken over long periods of time, or more often than not, for the rest of the person’s life.

Research in the field of chronic diseases has progressed tremendously over the last few decades, but we do not always know the full story about how and why a disease has developed. Or if we do understand how a disease has developed, we may not yet have the tools available to address the specific problems that have led to the development of the disease. One of the missions of the RESTORE initiative is to help patients and relatives find out information regarding effective therapy options that may help restore patients’ health, not just treat the symptoms of the disease.

2030 and beyond

We are aiming at a future in 2030 and beyond where dozens of Advanced Therapy products “discovered & made in Europe” become world-market leaders, where Advanced Therapies are affordable and standard-of-care for many currently incurable diseases and finally, where every European citizen has access to Advanced Therapies that are required for his/her personalized treatment. RESTORE health will become a game changer in health care within the next decade and will have a high impact on Europe’s society and economy.


Check the below news items to stay up to date:

03 Feb 2020

RESTORE at the European Parliament in Brussels

On Monday 5th December, RESTORE members and supporters attended a lunchtime meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels to speak about Advanced Therapies. The debate, organised by RESTORE and hosted by MEP Dr Christian Ehler, highlighted the staggering and increasing health costs imposed by chronic diseases in Europe, which has both economic and societal impact. Prof Hans-Dieter Volk (BCRT, Charité) cautioned that, whilst Advanced Therapies are already a reality, huge barriers remain to their sustainable and widespread distribution across Europe.

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03 Feb 2020

Save the date

We are happy to announce the date for the next RESTORE workshop in 2020: The RESTORE Momentum Workshop will take place in Berlin on the 17th February 2020. RESTORE looks forward to welcoming Supporters and Partners to the Momentum Workshop in February 2020!

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03 Feb 2020

Participate to the survey

Translation of CAR T and ATMP into clinical application – Participate to the survey

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Working Groups

Description and aims of Restore Working Groups

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Research and Innovation Technology Platform

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Research and Innovation Technology Platform

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Research and Innovation Technology Platform

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Regulatory Science and Clinical Trials

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Research and Innovation platform

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Cross-Topic platforms

Restore partners

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